Facts About OSHA and Workplace Violence

Fights in the workplace

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) develops strategies for successful safety and health management systems. Their approach to workplace violence is one of prevention and zero-tolerance.

What is Considered Workplace Violence?

Workplace violence can be actual assault, verbal abuse, or threatening violence. It can occur in or outside of the workplace as well. Data shows that around 2 million Americans have been subjects of violence in the workplace. There is no way to say who will commit this crime or who their chosen victims are but it can happen any place at any time. Those with increased risk are people who handle money, work during late night or early morning hours, have contact with the public, or work in high-crime areas.

5 Ways to Reduce Workplace Safety Incidents

workplace safety

Processes for health and safety management teams function separately from other risk teams and can leave a gap of information about safety concerns in the workplace. Here are five ways organizations can work to reduce workplace safety incidents.

1. Work as a Team

A clear line of communication must be present to create a culture of prioritizing safety. Departments need to be able to work together to create safety guidelines that are standard for everyone. To collaborate teams can store forms and documents in a central location, automate process reviews, and deliver new safety feature protocols promptly.

2. Risk Awareness

Leaders need to be present in the health and safety department to guide other team members as they implement procedures to minimize risk. A regular risk analysis will increase visibility and impact of safety protocols.


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