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First Aid Training for Construction Industry

First aid and CPR training for construction workers on site in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Acquiring first aid skills and training could easily end up being one of the most helpful things employees can do in construction. Of course, it only matters in an emergency or close call, but when it matters, nothing is more important than responding quickly and accurately to a first aid emergency.

What is Fall Prevention and Protection?

Construction worker wearing safety harness and safety line working on construction site, OSHA fall prevention and protection

Fall prevention and protection training establish a 'competent person' in the workplace to support and evaluate OSHA standards for fall prevention and protection. It's an important priority to protect workers, customers, and contractors in the workplace.

This topic is critically important because falls can be one of the most common causes of serious injury in the workplace. Falls can cause injury or death and also can reduce workforce efficiency, trust, productivity, and morale. Employers have a responsibility to protect employees and all workers from falls by putting into place fall prevention and protection safety measures, participating in training, and establishing a competent person to assist with hazard reduction in the workplace.

About MSHA Part 48

silhouette of worker in an underground mine

If you work in mining, you probably already know about MSHA. If you're new to the industry or managing compliance though, MSHA is the Mining Safety and Health Administration, similar to OSHA.

MSHA coordinates workplace safety and compliance based on the kind of mine, conditions, and various hazards.

How Often Should You Hold Safety Meetings in the Workplace?

Environmental, Safety and Health training for construction workers on site

We don't have to tell you why workplace safety matters. First of all, employee health and safety is your number one priority, because your people are your business.

Also, you may be well aware that safety issues in the workplace can be expensive and even mean the end of your business entirely. The best way to mitigate safety concerns, hazards, and issues before anything gets out of hand is with workplace safety meetings.

How Scaffolding Safety Classes Can Help You and Your Crew Stay Safe on the Job Site

workers performing scaffolding risk analysis at construction site

Scaffolding use is common in the construction industry, with almost 75% of construction workers operating on scaffolding for some part of their work. The prevalence of scaffolding results in high injury rates, with approximately 4,500 workers injured in scaffolding-related incidents.

The Basics of Forklift Safety and Certification

forklift driver discussing checklist with foreman in warehouse

Forklifts are essential in many workplaces and can make the site safer and more effective in multiple ways. However, operating a forklift also has its own risks, which is why Northwest Safety and Risk Services offers several forklift safety-specific classes. These classes coincide with OSHA forklift safety guidelines to prevent many accidents by providing your employees with the right training, knowledge, and equipment to increase worksite safety.

The Quick Guide to Industrial Hygiene

worker wearing a respirator mask, industrial hygiene concept, properly fitting mask to stay healthy in the workplace

Industrial hygiene is an essential aspect of any workplace. Especially as the current workplace continues changing with the coronavirus pandemic, making sure that industrial hygiene is in place is important.

Do You Have the Proper Training for Confined Spaces?

top view of a male worker climbing in or out of a confined space

Confined spaces can be very dangerous working environments. As many managers know and learn in industry training, confined space environments can cause serious injury or death when working in an industrial facility. Fortunately, with a good understanding of the risks, quality and pertinent training, and necessary controls, many of the risks of confined workspaces can be avoided.

What You Need To Know About MSHA Part 46 Annual Refresher

Miner signing off on permit or paperwork according to the mining safety requirements, from MSHA part 46 surface mine training or annual refresher

The Mining Safety and Health Administration, also known as MSHA, requires any employee who has taken the Part 46 new miner training, to do an 8-hour annual refresher training. However, it is an easier requirement to meet than you may think.

Defining a Competent Person by OSHA Standards

Construction woman standing in front of construction crew, OSHA competent person concept

OSHA standards are critical to any company across many industries for applying the right regulations, training, and compliance for your team. Ensuring that you and your team understand definitions and requirements is vital to getting the training you need to meet the standards. Having a properly trained team and operating in a safe, secure environment is key to business success and sustainability. Here, we'll dive into the Competent Person definition outlined by OSHA.