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The Indirect Costs of Workplace Accidents

red pencil and calculator on a balance sheet

Although no workplace accident is ever good news, many organizations feel confident saying they at least understand the direct cost of such incidents. However, the truth is that many companies tend to overlook the indirect costs, which can be just as damaging--if not more. Here's what you need to know about the indirect costs of workplace safety issues.

What to Know About OSHA Workplace Safety Inspections

clipboard with OSHA information

For many industries, OSHA inspections are a fact of life--but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll know what to expect during your first inspection. Here's what to know and to be as prepared as possible.

Workplace Safety Trends, Part 2: Addressing New Risks

construction workers working on the roof of building

In part one of our Workplace Safety Trends blog series, we discussed the risks your workers are likely most worried about in 2022 and what those risks are likely to look like in the future. Today, we'll look at the other side of the coin: the trends focused on improving safety and addressing new risks.

Workplace Safety Trends: Top Risks in 2022 & Beyond

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Every industry has its trends, but when it comes to workplace safety, multiple fields coalesce to acknowledge and overcome concerns, problems, and risks. In our two-part blog series, we'll explore these trends and what they mean for your workplace.

Today, we're covering part one: the risks your workers are likely most worried about in 2022 (and what they'll look like going forward).

Workplace Safety: What to Know About a Fall Protection Plan

construction workers applying ladder safety procedures


Fall Prevention and Protection

There's a lot to know about fall prevention and protection. For this reason, OSHA has outlined several regulations to ensure that workers in all industries are protected when working off the ground. These regulations apply at different heights in different situations, such as:

Workplace Safety: 4 Tips for Safety Trainings

Training course classroom full of students

The only thing more important than workplace safety is finding safety trainings that are effective, efficient, and memorable. Today, we'll cover four tips to help you make sure you choose workplace training courses that get the job done.

Improving Electrical Safety in Construction

Group of construction workers holding a safety meeting on work site

It probably comes as no surprise that electrical safety is a big deal in the construction industry. After all, electricity is present in almost everything you do, from the tools you use to the lights that guide your work. To keep employees safe on the job, it's often helpful to review the biggest dangers--and what you can do about them.

The What, How, & Why of Crane Operator Certification

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Whether you're an aspiring mobile crane operator or just want to learn more about career-building courses like the crane operator certification, you've come to the right place. Here's what you need to know!

Here's Why Confined Space Training Matters

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Confined spaces aren't just uncomfortable: they can also pose severe risks to workers' health and safety. Here are a few things you need to know about confined spaces, new regulations, and how to keep workers safe.


The definition of "confined space," according to OSHA, is an area that:

  1. is large enough for workers to enter;

Types of OSHA Violations

Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA papers, a book, and a pen on wooden table

To keep employees--and your company--safe, it's important to understand and recognize OSHA violations. However, with so many issues and fines to be aware of, it can be difficult to keep track of everything--so here are the types of violations to keep an eye out for (and what you can do to eliminate them).