Government Safety Consultation

Safety consultation and program management for Government Agencies

The rising cost of injury treatment and claims can directly affect an organization’s bottom line and budget, which impacts government entities differently from the private industry. Whether government or private, most organizations want to provide a safe working environment, but due to the additional regulation and oversight for government agencies, it is especially beneficial to have a successful safety program in place.  

Safety Consultation and Program Management for Government Agencies

Northwest Safety and Risk serves a variety of government agencies. Some of these include:

  • State and City Government
  • Armed Forces
  • Law Enforcement Bureaus
  • Government Health Agencies
  • Environmental Agencies

...and so many more!

Northwest Safety is well-versed in regulatory requirements for government entities and can guide your agency in the best safety practices. We understand the complexity of safety program management within government agencies. Our team of professionals can support Human Resources and Safety Coordinators within the agency to develop and meet agency goals for loss reduction and risk management.

We know that when multiple departments come together with their own ideas for safety management, the goals can become multifaceted. Whether we are working with individual departments or entire government agencies, we can help your organization analyze safety programs and current management practices and provide recommendations for improvement. 

Together we can make work safe. Contact Northwest Safety & Risk Services for more information about safety consultation services designed specifically to meet the needs of government entities.

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