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What Is Workplace Hygiene?

work safety concept, worker touching screen full of safety icons

Workplace hygiene is a critical element of any safe, productive working environment. But what does that mean, what does it look like, and how can you make sure it happens? Here's everything you need to know about workplace hygiene.

Defining Workplace Hygiene

In its simplest form, workplace hygiene is about ensuring that a particular working area is hygienic. This involves more than just cleaning doorknobs or keeping teams away from potential toxins; it's also about air quality, food safety, infection control, and more.

How To Address Heat Hazards

man in hard hat holding a laptop in the heat, wiping brow

Although heat hazards become particularly noticeable in the sweltering summer months, they're a year-round topic of focus for many workplaces--and they can exist both indoors and outdoors. Here's what to know and how to address heat hazards to promote workplace safety.

How To Promote Safety Culture in Construction

construction safety items, such as hard hat, gloves, goggles

Construction is one of those industries that keeps the world turning--but that can't happen without an effective, efficient focus on safety. Here's how to promote safety culture in construction.

What Is Safety Culture?

Although occupational safety may not be a new concept, "safety culture" itself can have many definitions and may be a little more difficult to envision. Let's take a closer look:

Industrial Safety: The Importance of Employee Training and Development

Industrial safety training and development is a critical component of workplace safety. It refers to the process of educating employees on the potential hazards they may encounter on the job and how to mitigate those risks. The primary goal of industrial safety training is to ensure that employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent accidents and injuries.

The Importance of Employee Training and Development in Workplace Safety


OSHA 10 Vs 30 Training

OSHA concept, training icons over worker with tool

OSHA training is an important part of many industries, but that doesn't mean it's immediately obvious what you should do or how you can get the necessary qualifications. To make things more complex, OSHA offers two training types, generally called some variation of "10" and "30." What are the differences, why does it matter, and which course is right for your needs? Let's find out.

A Worker's Guide To Safety Certifications

worker on laptop with overlay of certification icons and checkmark

Wondering which safety certifications you should get and how they can help progress your career? Hoping to get a peek into the process and what to expect? Here's the worker's guide to safety certifications (and how to choose the right ones for you).

How to Measure Workplace Safety

measuring tape under Success written on chalkboard

Workplace safety is crucial in many industries--but that doesn't mean it's always easy to measure. Here's the why and how of workplace safety measurements (and a few tips to help you get started).

Why and When To Measure

Although workplace safety is a mission that never stops, that doesn't mean you need to constantly stress over every little element. Instead, your goal is to create a company culture that encourages and empowers workplace safety automatically--and to make that happen, you need full visibility into certain safety metrics.

How To Prioritize Workplace Safety In 2023

wooden cubes with safety first and icons communication, leadership, training and compliance

Workplace safety has always been--and always will be--a significant part of the professional world. However, it never hurts to find fresh, inspiring new ways to prioritize this critical element. Here's how to revitalize your workplace safety strategy in 2023.

New Year, New Workplace Safety Approach

When workers get too familiar with a task or rule, they may start to approach it on autopilot. Whether this is overconfidence, lack of focus, or just an attempt to make the workflow a little smoother, the results can be potentially disastrous.

Understanding Hand and Power Tool Safety

Cutting metal with angle grinder

In many industries, hand and power tools are part of everyday life. Naturally, that means they become another part of the workplace safety conversation--one that must be taken seriously. Here's what to know about hand and power tool safety and how to approach it in ways that work.

Limiting Distractions to Prevent Workplace Accidents

workers leaning on steamroller, looking at phone

You take all kinds of precautions to create a safe, efficient work environment for your employees. However, when it comes to workplace safety, you can't just look out for big risks such as power lines and improper PPE; you also have to be aware of seemingly small issues--like distractions on the job. Here's what to know about distractions, the trouble they can cause, and how to eliminate them.