Workplace Safety Trends, Part 2: Addressing New Risks

Submitted by Tech Support on Thu, 04/21/2022 - 13:07
construction workers working on the roof of building

In part one of our Workplace Safety Trends blog series, we discussed the risks your workers are likely most worried about in 2022 and what those risks are likely to look like in the future. Today, we'll look at the other side of the coin: the trends focused on improving safety and addressing new risks.

Top 3 Workplace Safety Improvement Trends

Although workplace safety is always evolving and unfamiliar concerns and issues are on the horizon, you don't have to idly wonder what the future will bring. The good news is that, for every new risk, there's also a smart new solution. The key is to remember that you're in charge of workplace safety--which means you're in charge of pursuing these "solution trends" or starting your own.

In our previous blog, we discussed four hot-topic workplace safety concerns: COVID-19, mental health, changing regulations, and security. Here are three ways employers are helping workers overcome those concerns:

Better PPE

PPE, or personal protective equipment, has become part of everyday life for many workers. However, to fully address the anxieties introduced by COVID-19, a new trend is rising: smart PPE. In addition to protecting workers, this equipment can monitor vital signs to flag if an individual has any health concerns they may not have noticed.

Stronger Mental Health Policies

Although the discussion around mental health is constantly evolving, employers have prioritized this topic by updating their policies, approaches, and attitudes toward mental well-being. For example, many workplaces are hosting open, honest discussions with employees to identify issues like unclear expectations, stressful environments, lack of connection between coworkers, and more.

Safety Training Courses

Two workplace safety trends--changing regulations and security concerns--can be addressed with a single solution: training courses. These courses give workers of all levels a chance to brush up on security basics while guiding them through the more nuanced expectations of their industry, all under the watchful eye of a helpful, informed trainer.


Although workplace safety trends will always change in response to events of all sizes--from a global pandemic to a local security concern--it's important for employers to remember they're not helpless in this matter. Instead, it's possible to take control of workplace safety and set your own trends by utilizing the latest tools and approaches.

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