Why Training for Excavation and Trenching?

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Engineer with hard hat and excavator machine at construction site

Excavation and trenching training are critical in construction because job site disasters like collapsing of trenches and the resulting injuries and possible fatalities are highly avoidable.

As the construction industry has boomed, trench deaths have also increased, and an unfortunately low awareness around the issue also increases the risk.

Companies owe it to their employees and their families to invest in the right training to prevent these accidents. No company wants to cut training corners to save time or money and have a job site death or major injury be the result.

Invest in Training First

Training can prevent hazards, injuries, risks, and death on the job site, and almost no one knows this better than those working in construction. Awareness and training is a significant step in fixing hazardous issues. Luckily, there are plenty of relevant courses offered through Northwest Safety & Risk Services.

How to Stay Safe in Excavation and Trenching

Excavation and trenching are the most hazardous construction operations, according to OSHA. Falling, falling loads, hazardous atmospheres, and equipment incidents are all potential hazards. Still, cave-ins of trenches are the highest risk and the most likely to result in a workplace fatality.

Excavation and trenching training will assist employees in identifying risks and potential hazards around excavations and trenching. Those who complete the training will receive appropriate recognition and understand regulatory requirements to be a competent person at an excavation site.

Northwest Safety Offers the Courses You Need

Courses offered at Northwest Safety for excavation and trenching will provide the comprehensive training you need. Reach out to Northwest Safety & Risk Services to learn more and get started in your mandatory courses today.