MSHA Part 46

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Workers in quarry, or surface mine, looking at a plan on clipboard

Do you have questions about MSHA, what it means for you, and how it impacts your workplace safety training regimen? Read on to find out everything you need to know, plus a few tips for implementing Part 46 guidelines.

What is MSHA?

MSHA, or the Mining Safety and Health Administration, is the mine-specific version of OSHA. Much like OSHA, it spells out specific rules for health and workplace safety training--and, perhaps most importantly, it can act as a road-map for establishing and implementing guidelines as you train new employees or give existing workers a refresher course. Remember, this information isn't just required by law; it's also a practical way to make sure you, your company, and your employees are protected from risks of all shapes and sizes.

What is Part 46?

MSHA Part 46 contains rules and guidelines for workplace safety training in certain mining situations. Specifically, Part 46 covers shell dredging and surface-level mines (like sand, gravel, and clay).

Here are some essential things to know about workplace safety training under Part 46!


Firstly, MSHA Part 46 takes great care to differentiate between "new miners" and "newly hired experienced miners." The former is a person entirely new for the industry, while the latter has mining experience and is new only to the company.


There are different programs for miners at different levels. For example, a new miner must take at least 24 hours of training courses before beginning any work. In contrast, an experienced miner might need training in a New Task program (which covers things like welding or operating a new machine).


Part 46 and its various programs cover a massive variety of topics. Some of the most important are:

  • Identification and avoidance of hazards
  • The rights of miners
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Other emergency procedures like an escape, firefighting, or hazard management.

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