Creating a Safe Work Environment with First Aid Training

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Basic first aid training for support accident on-site

As an employer, your team trusts you to look out for them while at work. One of the most important and direct ways to establish a safe work environment is to ensure your employees have basic first aid training.

Basic first aid training means your employees can respond quickly and appropriately to any medical needs, emergent conditions, or workplace injuries.

If customers are on-site and have a medical emergency, it means your teams know how to react and call for help. Assuring your employees and establishing your business as a safe work environment can save lives.

First Aid Training is Critical for Any Industry

First aid training is appropriate for any business or industry. While first responders are always on call and available, they are not immediately on site. Your employees are, and their instant, well-trained reactions to a life-threatening condition can make a huge impact.

First aid in the workplace refers to the temporary assistance of a person experiencing a medical emergency until a licensed first responder or medical professional arrives at the scene, or the person is transported to the nearest medical care. You can view an example course description here. First aid is different than professional medical care, which is an important distinction.

Providing first aid can also empower your employees in any situation, from being in a public place and assisting a patient while EMS responders are en route, or helping a family member and calling 911.

You Don’t Have to Be First Responders to Be the First Response

If an employee goes into cardiac arrest or is severely injured in the workplace, your teams will know what to do while they call first responders. Think about it - anything could happen to employees in any industry. The more employees trained to respond with CPR, to understand stroke symptoms, or stop bleeding, the more likely it is to have a positive outcome.

Of course, enacting the emergency response system is the only way to complete care for the patient, and first aid training is not complete, sufficient medical care. With this disclaimer in mind, training more people for an appropriate first response at your business can greatly benefit your team.

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Every business should be prepared for the unknown, and first aid training is the best way to prepare for an appropriate response to an emergency. Empower your teams to do what’s right - register for open enrollment courses today with Northwest Safety and Risk Services.