Hand & Power Tool Safety

Hand & Power Tool Safety Course Description: The Hand and Power Tool Safety Training Program is intended to provide entry level workers information about OSHA’s hand and power tools regulations for avoiding accidents and preventing injuries. The training covers a variety of general hand and power tool hazards which a worker may encounter with use including mechanical hazards, types of tools and precautionary measures to ensure your understanding of tool safety procedures and safeguards. In addition, participants will be informed of the general selection, proper use, maintenance, inspection and care of hand and power tools.

Who Should Attend: The course is intended and recommended for all entry level workers who work with and around hand and power tools.


Completion Requirements: Participants are required to be present and actively participate in all learning activities including hands-on exercises, written exam, and practical evaluation. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certification of completion. 

Learning Aids: Participants should come prepared with a note pad and pen. Guides and handouts will be provided at the start of the course. The presentation and materials are in English (Spanish translated courses are available upon request).

Course Length: Minimum of 2 hours of classroom theory and activities. We will be covering a great deal of information in a short period of time; your punctuality will be greatly appreciated.

Open Enrollment Participant Pricing: $75.00 ea.
Scheduled Groups with minimum of 8 Participants Pricing: $65.00 ea.
Association Member Participant Pricing: $55.00 ea.
Retainer Client Participant Pricing: $5.00 ea.