Prioritize Workplace Safety with These Tips

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/17/2018 - 10:05
Helpful tips about safety

When it comes to workplace safety, there are plenty of concerns in any given business, and the dangers often depend on the industry and type of work being done. Even so, there are plenty of general steps you can take to make sure that the safety of your workers is at the top of your list of priorities. Here are just a few.

Preventing Falls

Falls are the number one type of workplace injury, so it makes sense that this should be an area to prioritize first.

To reduce the risk of falls, you must maintain awareness at all times about the potential hazards lurking in common areas. It pays to stay tidy, as keeping walkways clear and items stored away can help eliminate tripping over items.

Mop up spills quickly and be aware of slippery conditions inside and outside when the weather is inclement. Invest in some rugs and place them strategically to catch some of the wet stuff.

Additionally, to prevent falls you’ll need to advise employees to be careful and conscientious in conduct. No one should climb on chairs or other items in order to reach things. Step ladders are all that should be used for that kind of work.

Reducing Equipment Injuries

If equipment is misused, the amount of workplace injuries dramatically rises. Anyone who needs to use equipment must be properly trained. Follow all OSHA compliance guidelines regarding protective clothing and safety glasses, helmets, gloves and so forth.

Additional Areas

Falls and equipment-based injuries are some of the most common injuries, so they should definitely be at the top of your list. However, there are other areas to remember in your quest to reduce workplace injuries, including:

  • Scheduling regular breaks to help keep workers alert
  • Ensuring objects aren’t going to fall
  • Keeping workspaces clean
  • Taking precautions to avoid fires

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