OSHA Competent Persons Training Overview

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Industry Concept.

Training and proper employee comprehension of safety, prevention, and compliance is an essential aspect of many industries and businesses.

OSHA training is the national standard as a government regulatory body. OSHA keeps employees (and with that, employers as well) safe by creating a solid, reliable, and consistent plan for workplace safety.

OSHA Definitions

According to OSHA, a Competent Person is able to identify existing and predictable hazards in the working conditions. This may include dangerous, hazardous, unsanitary, or otherwise unsafe things. The Competent Person is the role that is authorized to take immediate corrective measures to eliminate the hazard, with proper training and documentation in place.

Understanding the Need for the Competent Person

The need for a Competent Person on the job site is critical but is sometimes confusing or misunderstood. To properly understand how to identify hazards and mitigate them appropriately, there must be a person who possesses the proper training, experience, and knowledge.

This person must also have the authority to take action when a hazard or issue is identified.

Outlining this definition by OSHA helps to standardize the process, clarify the necessity of the Competent Person, and allow businesses to react appropriately with the right training when a workplace issue arises. The managers can support the assigned Competent Person and ensure that all company processes are completed correctly and adhering to requirements.

OSHA standards require that training meets several critical requirements, one of which is the competent person requirement.

What are the Competent Person Training Requirements?

Competent person means accountability is built into the job site. The competent person has extensive training and experience in the industry (like construction) and also understands OSHA regulations like utility location, PPE, hazardous atmosphere, and more.

With the right training, expertise, and tools, the competent person can reduce hazards and anticipate and mitigate other job site risks and issues, all while maintaining a strong adherence to OSHA standards.

Competent Person Training in Action

The competent person is skilled in the following:

  • Communication
  • Protective systems within the job site
  • Understanding changing risks and how they impact the specific project and industry
  • Evaluating employees and monitoring for safety standards

Having a competent person available is a game-changer for many businesses that want their teams to be successful and safe. The extra layer of job site protection and understanding of OSHA regulation is unmatched in the workplace and can help protect employees and employers.

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