Become a Certified Forklift Operator

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man driving forklift in warehouse, forklift operator

Forklift operators, like many industry professionals, have specific training and certification to operate the forklift. This certification helps employers know that you are well trained and understand safety requirements that will protect you, other employees, the employer, and the business.

At Northwest Safety and Risk Services, the certification is called a Powered Industrial Truck (Forklift) Operator, and it takes eight hours to complete. This is a worthwhile investment for anyone working in an industry that wants to move ahead in their career and build a solid reputation as a skilled employee.

What is a Forklift Certification?

Forklift certification includes testing on basic forklift tasks in addition to practicing tasks like unloading, starting and stopping the machine, working in complex spaces, and lifting off-balance items.

Training also covers:

  • OSHA standards, regulations, and best practices
  • Hazards
  • Types of vehicles
  • Controls
  • Maintenance
  • Stability
  • Fueling
  • Workplace-specific requirements 

The training must be completed for initial certification, and then re-certification is every three years.

Why Certification is Essential

Certification is required at most businesses in order to operate the forklift. Proper training is critical for accident prevention and workplace safety.

For businesses, it’s protection against compliance issues, OSHA fines, and costly problems.

For employees operating a forklift, it’s a protection against accidents, incidents, and avoidable mistakes. Forklift certification is a simple way to move your career ahead while being a highly-qualified employee for any industry organization.

Get Forklift Certified

Becoming an official forklift operator can secure you as an essential employee, and will ensure your employer that you are operating a safe work atmosphere. Get started on your Forklift Operator Certification today. For the full details and/or to get registered for our Forklift Operator Certification, please visit our onsite course page.