Scaffolding Safety

The Right Training for Scaffolding Safety

Construction workers on scaffolding

Scaffolding regulations are dangerous because they have severe consequences if not followed closely. Working with OSHA to ensure appropriate compliance and training for scaffolding safety is essential for any construction team.

Concerns with scaffolding arise from how common scaffolding accidents occur, and that improper scaffolding -- a major safety liability -- is the third most cited OSHA violation, injuring over 4,500 workers per year. Keep your team safe with the right scaffolding training and safety procedures.

OSHA Scaffolding Standards

OSHA scaffolding requirements are stringent and include 12 components, outlined below as an overview. If you have questions about these requirements, you can always connect with the team at Northwest Safety and Risk Services to learn more and discuss training options.

  1. Weight capacity of scaffolding

  2. Stability

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